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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  September 16, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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evacuated its students when a school employee reported smelling natural gas. pg&e crews checked the school. pg&e says there was no leak. but a potential gas leak in san bruno rattled more than a few nerves at this school today. students and staff at pour lola elementary school were -- portola elementary school were evacuated this morning, just up the hill from the blast zone. a couple of parents said they smelled gas near the school offers. students were taken to parkside intermediate where parents were allowed to pick them up. fire crews and pg&e saying it was not a gas leak, it was a build up of carbon dioxide. but because of the explosion, of course, san bruno has forever changed. though the pain is still fresh, day by day, step by step, neighbors are working together to try to move forward. >> we have multiple houses, we're trying to get through. we have possibly several blocks on fire at this time. reporter: dispatch tapes reveal the chaos and confusion
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last thursday evening. while many ran from the fire, there were those who ran towards it. the first responders. >> wall of fire was just incredibly intensely hot. and it's beyond anything i can really describe. >> this thing was blowing out like you wouldn't believe and i'd say probably 100-foot flame lengths. >> reporter: in the days following the disaster, heartache of families who lost loved ones. >> when you know your child isn't going to come back... [ crying ] >> ... that's an empty, empty feeling. [ crying ] >> and i don't know what i'm going to do without my jesse. >> reporter: as well as uncertainty as home owners sift through what's left. but in the midst of devastation, heroes emerge. >> bobby went to the left and i saw an elderly lady there reclining with oxygen and stereo headphones with her back to the window. she had no idea what was going on so i took everything off of her and i said, come on, sweetheart, we've got to go, we've got to go.
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>> reporter: this as many prepare for a long road to recovery. >> those devastated by the disaster are returning to the heart of the tragedy. they are sifting through the ashes that were once their homes searching for signs of the life that they once knew. but this all that burned-out rubble anne makovec shows us some people are finding hope. >> it's not really worth saving but we did anyway reporter: the only decipherable items left over from their three-bedroom home now fit in this box. >> like there are baseball cards in here and so i don't know why we took this. but we did. or an old yearbook, something like that. >> reporter: one week after the gas explosion decimated their neighborhood, the family suited up in hazmat gear to sift through the rubble that was once their home on glenview drive. >> it's like -- it's kind of like going to, i don't know, a cemetery. just everything was dead, you
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know? no life left to it. >> reporter: what was that life, the digging through rubble? >> it kind of felt like, you know, i don't know, like you weren't going to anything. that's the hard thing, is you're digging and you have so much stuff. >> reporter: adam and his mother mary weren't home at the time of the explosion. but dad greg was and barely escaped. he was badly burned when i got the chance to meet with him the day after the blast. he has since taken a turn for the worse and couldn't return to the property today, nor speak on camera. >> at times you feel like every step you take forward, immediately you take two steps back because something else pops up. >> in a little cup that somebody made. >> reporter: in addition to dealing with their losses -- >> it was the top of a trophy. >> reporter: they are homeless staying with friends and dealing with paperwork drama made more difficult because they were renting the home.
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>> nobody knows who we are. so no matter what list you sign up for or what you -- you know what i mean? no matter what you do they always lose you because it always goes back to the home owner. >> reporter: luckily they had renters insurance to replace most of their belongings since most are gone >> you know what, i don't know, what do you do with it? we felt like we needed to grab something. just something. >> i told my mom, i said, you know, you lose everything, but when you have it you might forget about it. so by losing it maybe it brings back those memories and brings back the things that you might take for granted. so we're happy we're just, you know, moving on. that's all you can do. >> reporter: in san bruno, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> and a vigil is set for tonight for this mother and daughter who were killed in the disaster. it begins at 7:00 at saint cecilia catholic church in san francisco. 13-year-old janessa grieg went to school there and her mother
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volunteered for school activities. now a funeral mass is planned at saint cecilia's for tomorrow morning. and prosecutors in san mateo county aren't pulling any punches when it comes to someone they believe is trying to profit off the disaster. >> we view them as vermin. >> today investigators charged two women with attempting to impersonate victims of the blast. they say that sonia smith and lisa justin were trying to get free food and other assistance. investigators are looking at four more suspected fraudulent aid applications linked to the explosion. they say they will go after scammers as agressively as the law lets them. >> we are going to charge them with everything we can charge them with. we are not going to plea bargain with them and we are going to urge the courts to exercise no leniency to them. >> investigators are also reminding people to watch for identity thieves as well as contractors who may try to take advantage of the real disaster victims. well, san bruno still a long way from figuring out what the impact of the blast will
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ultimately be on the city. simon perez on what city leaders are discussing at a special meeting tonight. simon. >> reporter: the city council is in special session right now to formalize the emergency declaration in the aftermath of that fire and explosion one week ago today. the city of san bruno is on the hook for big expenses and the emergency declaration helps the city apply for aid from the state and from the federal government. there is lots to pay for, all the firefighters who battle the blaze for hours. the police officers, who continue to protect the incinerated neighborhood from looters. then comes the infrastructure repair, the pavement, sidewalks. also, the city may be involved in the toxic clean-up as the fire leaves behind ashes contaminated with metals from batteries, asbestos from insulation and pesticides. all those potential costs come as the city is facing a nearly $2 million budget deficit for this year. last year, the city had to make cuts to the fire department to balance the budget then. so certainly no time to be
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coming up with these extra expenses as the city is going to have to incur to deal with all these problems. but allen, they are meeting right now. the public is expected to talk, as well. so we are going to run inside and tell you what happens at 6:00. >> all right, simon. see you at 6:00. thanks. of course for the latest on the investigation into the pipeline explosion, ways you can help the recovery efforts, you can go to all right. other news tonight, that is on the bow of a large cargo ship not supposed to be there okay. the ship hit a whale on the way to oakland. doug sovereign shows thank you carried the whale to port. >> reporter: the container ship northern vitality broadsided a whale someone on the pacific. the captain and crew didn't even know it was there until they get back here to the port of oakland and discovered the whale on the bow of the ship. there are far more whales in the waters these days because of the cooler summer weather around an abundance of krill
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for the whales to feed on. agencies are trying to determine whether it was dead when struck, how to get to the bow of the ship, meanwhile sharks have been feasting on the dead whale at the end of pier. i'm doug sovereign for cbs 5. a priest pulled over by police. he says it was because of his skin color. the growing allegations of racial profiling in a bay area city. this is the new age of policing. >> seeing through the eyes of an officer. the device that gives us a glimpse of a bay area cop's dealings with the public. and no longer just liquor. the common cooking ingredient teenagers are using to get high. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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ery. concord police say a man critically wounded by officers this morning is wanted for felony warrants on armed robbery. officers tried to stop 25-year- old brian keith brownwhite. that was at about 2:30 in the morning. it was on clayton road and ashbury drive. the suspect ran and as officers were threatening to tase him he drew what appears to be a gun and they opened fire. the weapon that he had turned out to be what they called a realistic looking replica gun. in east san jose, one in
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three people says it's happened to them. stopped by police for no reason other than the color of their skin. len ramirez talked with some of the people including a priest who describes his experience. >> reporter: we are at our lady of guadalupe church in east san jose. this used to be cesar chavez's home parish so there is a long history of social activism here. 1800 members of the parish participated in the survey which found wide distrust of the police department starting with the priest. >> they were just checking who i was and... >> reporter: father reyes was pulled over by one san jose police car and surrounded by three backup cruisers fear there out lady of guadalupe church where he is the priest. his infraction, not using his blinker. >> if i was in a different neighborhood with different dollar my face i never will be stopped. >> reporter: he was not dressed as a priest. he feels he was discriminated against for his race and appearance.
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>> i say so many people, it can be true. but it happened to me so i know it's true. >> this must stop. >> reporter: the incident was used to highlight a report that shows that more than a third of 1800 people surveyed in east san jose feel they have been stopped by police unjustly. police chief rob davis defended his department. >> there is an issue between perception and reality. can racial profiling exist? you bet. it exists in certain sectors of the law enforcement community. it exist. is it endorsed by the san jose police department? no, it's not. >> reporter: the survey also found that although 90% want a strong relationship with police, 35% don't trust them. independent police auditor ladoris cordell called that a big deal. >> the bad news is that the expressions in this survey are based on real life experiences that lead many to distrust police. >> reporter: the survey was
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sponsored by people acting in community together, which offered exclusions like changing the six month rotation schedule patrol units to build better relationships with officers. >> what we have found in our research is that police officers do not stay long enough to get to know us. >> reporter: as for father reyes? >> i don't know if i put my blinker or not but if i make a mistake, i will pay for that. but they didn't give me a ticket for that. >> reporter: parishioners hope the city will use this information as they begin to hire a new police chief here in san jose, chief rob davis retires next month. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, cbs 5. want to give a look at the latest tool for oakland police officers. this is an ultrasmall video camera. 15 officers are now wearing these cameras recording what they do. among other thing, the cameras would provide evidence when there are allegations of any police misconduct. the audio and video are
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electronically sent to supervisors at the end of the shift. >> it's excellent. i'm able to record everything, you know, and i'm able to download it. it there. you have a record of it. so i can go on the computer log on. it's like you have a folder with all your contacts. >> the oakland city council is expected to decide next week whether to buy cameras for all 350 officers at $900 each. next, a common ingredient used in desserts sends an east bay teenager to the hospital. this is all really sensitive information. >> forget keeping track of your phone. from your voice to your heartbeat, how some smart phones are actually keeping track of you. what i'm doing here is dialing up our live hi-def doppler radar. it's going to rain this weekend. we'll pinpoint that day coming up. but first, we're taking a look at the low clouds and fog moving in. how that's going to affect your friday as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,
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[ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller found employees paid for 22,000 hours... they never worked. fact: brown promised to cut crime. but murders doubled, making oakland the 4th most dangerous city in america. jerry brown. he just can't deliver the results california needs now.
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hools. san jose's east side union high school district expected to vote tonight whether to approve two new charter schools. summit public schools one of them. officials proposed two new charter high schools in san jose. supporters say summit has a good reputation for its small school approach. it's high school in redwood city has made the list of top 10 high schools in california. the san jose district already has five charter schools, so some of the trustees question if two more would be too many. but if approved, those schools would open in the fall of 2011. now, in fremont, a celebration for the bay area's first freeway express lane. that's going to open up monday morning on i-680. basically a carpool lane that solo drivers can use if they want to pay the fee. this is done electronically so
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you have to have fastrak. the southbound express lane goes from highway 84 south of pleasanton to highway 237 in milpitas. now, if you think locking up your liquor cabinet is enough to keep the kids away from your alcohol, you better think again because there's some stuff in other cabinets, dr. kim, that are just as dangerous. >> reporter: a case of 13-year- old boy from pleasant hill and a common baking ingredient. that ingredient, here it is. vanilla extract. pure vanilla extract is 35% alcohol. a newspaper reports how this kid ingested a large amount of of vanilla and needed attention at the hospital. no further word on the boy's condition but vanilla is 70 proof. if a child is drinking vanilla, he might as well be drinking vodka but it's not the only household product that contains a lot of alcohol. a wide variety of foods flavoring extracts like lemon, peppermint and almond contain
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alcohol. some are 160 proof. mouthwash, perfume, cold medicine and after shave also have alcohol. they are easily available to kids. you can get products that contain less or no alcohol. it's interesting. take vanilla for example. different vanillas contain different amounts of alcohol. pure vanilla extract 35 to 40%. now, this is an imitation vanilla extract. again, that's the keyword extract, alcohol. this has 25% alcohol. and here's another option. imitation vanilla flavor contains zero to 2%. so you have to read the labels. allen? >> boy, the taste was -- ew, i can't imagine it. but are we telling kids how they can get high without drinking liquor? >> reporter: kids already know. this according to a report last year this information is all over the internet, on websites and this chat rooms and in the schoolyard. this is more of a heads up for parents. talk to your kids. keep the dialogue open. these are common products and they can be dangerous, whether your kids are wanting to get high or accidentally ingesting
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them. so heads up. >> either way, same effect. thank you, dr. kim. your cell phone could soon be checking your heart rate and it's not an app for healthy living. it's to thwart would-be thieves. julie watts shows us the technology may work a little too well. reporter: for music to apps, apple has changed the way we look at phones and now apple could be changing the way our phones look back at us. it may sound like sci-fi but they filed a new biometric security patent. >> this is a fascinating way to figure out if the person who owns the phone has the phone. you would register your voiceprint, a fingerprint scan, and register a sample of your heartbeat. that is your ownership pro time. if someone else has it, that's a way to lock them out. >> reporter: and once your stolen phone is locked, apple can record the thief's biometric data, their heartbeat, face, voice, even conversations they are having with people around them. and, of course, apple can
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pinpoint your phone's location. high-tech security, sure. but critics point out, whatever apple can do to a would-be thief, they can also do to you. >> this is all really sensitive information, the things you say on the phone, your face, your heartbeat. >> reporter: the electronic frontier foundation an industry watchdog, opposes the new spyware which they say could turn your phone into a virtual surveillance system. >> if apple collects this information, it's absolutely vulnerable to a subpoena from any kind of court battle. a custody battle, a divorce case. >> reporter: but not everyone is worried about privacy. some who have suffered through a stolen phone are willing to trade a little privacy for more security. >> i recently lost my iphone? i think that's great. it's amazing how much we have progressed technologically. >> reporter: cnet points out they were comes to technology, privacy as we know it may soon be gone. >> you have to realize that privacy in the future is a
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relative term. >> reporter: now, apple has not responded to our request for comments. so it's not exactly clear how this biometric data will be collected or stored. it's important to note just because they apply for a patent doesn't necessarily mean they are going to make the phone. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, cbs 5. >> but just because she said rain means... rain. >> a lot of people think r is a four letter word. i'm not one of those people. i enjoy change. i like a little bit of the rain. >> mid september. it's a little early but we have rain in the forecast. it's looking like it's going to be more likely in the north bay on sunday. 75 degrees, clearing out the atmosphere, visibility unlimited. absolutely no visibility right now in ocean beach. totally socked in.
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that's hampering the temperatures. belmont 70. sunshine novato 78. 84 degrees in vacaville. but the winds are a little bit breezy. that's what is in your forecast if you are out and about this thursday evening. 50s and 60s at the beaches. sunshine bayside and inland. not as chilly as last night because of the the deeper deck of low clouds and fog primarily 50s, west winds at 15. leading edge of the low clouds and fog tomorrow morning for your commute. we have sun-up at 6:52. nobody sees it. and once these clouds begin to retreat, we are going to notice increasing clouds the approaching area of low pressure that's now taking more form. here you have the core the center of the area of low pressure. this is initial front itself. looks like it scrapes the north bay with a slight chance of rain in sonoma county on saturday. average temperatures tomorrow
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anywhere between six and nine degrees off the mark. it will be slightly cooler than it was today. pinpoint forecast, 60s beaches, 79 union city. east bay low 80s for the most part. rain north bay on sunday. very light. dry conditions monday through wednesday. thanks to tom for his mypix. we appreciate it. lake del valle. keep them coming to stay with us. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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comprehend. "i thought a plane had crashed..." "people were just screaming, man." "i've b service 31 years coming up at 6:00, 7 days later and it's still hard to comprehend. >> i thought it was an airplane going down. >> people were just screaming. >> i have been in the service for 31 years and never seen anything like it. >> tonight, as best we can, a look back at the horror as it unfolded this time last week. i'm visually impairing, hearing-impaired, mobile impaired, but then the brain still is working. so i'm going to learn as much as i can. >> a couple of months back we introduced you to ida cotton who just got her master's degree. only problem, she didn't have a place to live. tonight the happy ending we have been waiting for. that and more at 6:00. that's it for us at 5:00 though. "cbs evening news with katie couric" is next. which drugs are the safest in helping you control your weight? and we're always on
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